INGRESS comments on ESS governance – 23/06/2015

The European Commission’s standardisation requests should be relevant to standards users and markets

Comments on the report “Independent Review of the European Standardisation System”[1]

All INGRESS members look forward to participating in a constructive dialogue with the European Commission, Member States and other standardisation stakeholders in order to improve the European Standardisation System (ESS).

Likewise, likewise the ESS may support the needs of their membership to operate within a European Internal Market as effectively and lawfully as possible to sustain growth and jobs in Europe. In this respect, we recommend that:

  1. Speed should not prevail over a careful consensus-building process.
  2. INGRESS be involved as an observer in the Committee on Standards to add legitimacy and inclusiveness in the planning future European standardisation strategy.
  3. Harmonised standards should remain practical documents and not be politicised.
  4. Internationally accepted state-of-the-art standards should be taken into account where possible.

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[1] Ref. Ares(2015)1874169 – 04/05/2015 written by Ernst & Young: