How to?


How to become a member of INGRESS?


All interested European industry interest groups are welcome to take part in the multi-stakeholder INdustry GRoup on European Standardisation Strategy (INGRESS), if they:

  • are non-governmental and non-profit-making;
  • are based in the EU and represents the interests of industry established in Europe;
  • has as their statutory objectives to represent the interests of industrial companies of all sizes including SMEs and is considered representative of that industry by the EU institutions;
  • has a clear interest in European standardisation activities and has been mandated by its members to represent these interests at European level;
  • are registered in the EU Transparency Register.



Do you represent a European industry interest group?

Are your members using harmonised standards in the framework of a “New Approach” directive or regulation (Machinery, pressure equipment, gas appliances, construction, low voltage, electromagnetic compatibility, radio equipment, etc…)? In that case, it is likely that your members’ business will be affected by the standards developed under a “standardisation request” (or mandate) of the European Commission to the European Standards organisations. If your are meeting the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, you are most welcome to apply for membership in INGRESS!

Please send a request for a declaration of interest to info [at]