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Status: 10 May 2016
The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association

ACEA represents the 15 Europe-based car, van, truck and bus makers. ACEA is the advocate for the automobile industry in Europe, and engages in dialogue with the European institutions and other stakeholders in order to advance understanding of industry-related issues, helping to contribute to effective policy and legislation at both European and global levels. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Erik Jonnaert, Secretary General
Transparency register number: 0649790813-47

The European Federation for Precast Concrete

BIBM is the federation of the European Precast Concrete Industry. It contributes to the development of the sector by coordinating and promoting the industry views on European and international issues. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Alessio Rimoldi, Secretary General
Transparency register number: 07055806769-32

The Coordinating Committee for the Associations of Manufacturers of Switchgear and Controlgear

CAPIEL is the Coordinating Committee for the Associations of Manufacturers of Switchgear and Controlgear equipments for industrial, commercial and similar use in the European Union, that work in the range of voltages until 1 kV a.c. of 1,5 kV d.c.. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mrs Delphine Eyraud-Galant, Secretary General
Transparency register number: registration in progress.

The European Committee of Electrical Installation Equipment Manufacturers

CECAPI promotes and develops the collective and common technical, industrial, economical and political interests of the European electrical installation equipment manufacturing industry. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: MrsConcha Garcia, President
Transparency register number: 599743711223-32

The European Committee for Construction Equipment

CECE is the recognized organisation representing and promoting the European construction equipment and related industries, co-ordinating the views of National Associations and their members by influencing the European/National Institutions and other organisations worldwide to achieve a fair competitive environment via harmonized standards and regulations.[More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mrs Sigrid de Vries, Secretary General
Transparency register number: 60534525900-25/td>

The European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers

CECED is representing household appliance manufacturers in Europe. Its members, European producers and non‐EU companies that have operations in the EU, cover around 90% of the European market of household appliances. With a turnover of 35 billion euros and half a million employees, this is a major sector for the EU economy. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Paolo Falcioni, Director General
Transparency register number: 04201463642-88

The European Association for the taps & valves industry

CEIR gathers together a large number of European manufacturers in the field of valves and fittings. CEIR represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of the European valve industries, in particular towards international authorities and economic and commercial circles.  [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Klaus Schneider, President
Transparency register number:54018122087-60

The European Association of the Machine Tool Industries

CECIMO brings together 15 national associations of machine tool builders, which represent approximately 1,500 industrial enterprises in Europe, over 80% of which are SMEs. CECIMO covers 98% of the machine tool production in Europe and about one third worldwide.  [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Filip Geerts, Director General
Transparency register number:79464041975-17

The European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics

CEMEP is the European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics, representing an industry with a market value of €6.3 billion and 130,000 employees. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Andrea Solzi, Secretary General
Transparency register numberregistration in progress.

The European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry

COCIR is the European Trade Association representing the medical imaging, health ICT and electromedical industries. Founded in 1959, COCIR is a non-profit association headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) with a China Desk in Beijing since 2007. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mrs Nicole Denjoy, Secretary General
Transparency register number: 05366537746-69

Efca logo The European Federation of Concrete Admixtures AssociationsEFCA is a partnership of 11 National Admixture Associations. Formed in 1984 in order to represent the interests of the industry at a time when there was increasing European legislation and standardisation in the field of construction products, today it is the voice of the European admixture producers – EFCA’s total membership provides in excess of 80% of admixture sales within Europe and represents all the major admixture manufacturers. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Trevor Grounds, Secretary of EFCA
Transparency register number:200215413337-34
The European Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers

EFCEM represents European national associations whose members are manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Fabio Gargantini, General Secretary
Transparency register number: registration in progress.

EGMF, the European Garden Machinery industry Federation

EGMF members comprise 29 European garden, landscaping, forestry and turf equipment manufacturers and 8 National Associations from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK. It is estimated that each year EGMF members sell in Europe more than 6 million lawnmowers, 4.5 million chainsaws, 3 million brushcutters and 3 million hedgetrimmers. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Karsten Biber, EGMF President
Transparency register number: 82669082072-33

The European Smart Metering Industry Group

ESMIG is the European industry association that provides knowledge and expertise on Smart Metering and energy-related consumer services within the Smart Grid area at a European level. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Willem Strabbing, Managing Director
Transparency register number: 71326222148-95

The European Building Automation and Controls Association

Eu.BAC is the European Building Automation and Controls Association and represents the European manufacturers for Home and Building Automation and Energy Service Companies. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Dr. Peter Hug, Managing Director
Transparency register number: 20943263315-44

The association of European manufacturers, installers and service providers of the electronic Fire Safety and Security industry

Euralarm is the association representing the electronic fire and security industry, providing leadership and expertise for industry, market, policy makers and standardisation bodies. Founded in 1970, Euralarm represents over 5.000 companies with an estimated cumulated revenue of 18 Billion Euros. Euralarm members lie within the geographic area of the Council of Europe and include national trade associations, companies, and institutes or associations being active in research, education or science. [More]

INGRESS Council Member: Mr Glen Dale, General Director
Transparency register number: 94201247949-87

The European Association of wire and cable manufacturers

Europacable is the voice of all leading European wire and cable producers. Europacable members include the largest cable makers in the world providing global technology leadership, as well as highly specialized small- and medium sized businesses from across Europe.
Globally Europacable’s members employ over 70.000 people of which more than 50% in Europe generating a turnover over € 20 billion in 2014. The product scope of our members covers the full range of energy and communication cables. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Thomas Neesen, Secretary General
Transparency register number: 453103789-92

The European Association of Pump Manufacturers

Europump represents 17 national associations, over 450 companies employing some 100,000 people in Europe, and has a collective annual production worth over 10 billion euros. Pump manufacturing is a growing and SME-driven sector. With almost half of all world exports and 40% of major patent applications, the Western European pump industry is the economic, commercial and technological leader. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Guy Van Doorslaer, Secretary General
Transparency register number: 07655452075-36

The European Materials Handling Federation

FEM represents European manufacturers of materials handling, lifting and storage equipment. The sector employs 300,000 people directly and generates €55bn annual turnover with a largely positive trade balance (+€18bn in 2013). [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Olivier Janin, Secretary General
Transparency register number: 24068881115-97

The European Engineering Industries Association

Orgalime, the European Engineering Industries Association, speaks for 41 trade federations representing some 130,000 companies in the mechanical, electrical, electronic, metalworking & metal articles industries of 23 European countries. The industry employs some 10 million people in the EU and in 2013 accounted for some €1,700 billion of annual output. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Adrian Harris, Director General
Transparency register number:20210641335-88

T&D_logo  The European Association of Electricity Transmission & Distribution Equipment and Services IndustryT&D Europe aims to promote the common interests of the European electricity transmission and distribution manufacturing industry towards and in cooperation with the EU institutions. T&D Europe is committed to the supply of equipment, systems and services for electrical networks that are reliable and sustainable for the efficient transport and delivery of energy. [More]
INGRESS Council Member: Mr Oliver Blank, Secretary General
Transparency register number: 90453504235-64