Terms of Agreement


Industry GRoup on European Standardisation Strategy



1.1.  The Parties agree to co-operate as an alliance as the “INdustry GRoup European Standardisation Strategy”, hereafter called “INGRESS”,

1.2.  The aim of INGRESS is to be recognised as an observer in the Committee on Standards under Regulation EU 1025/2012 and provide joint input, where agreed, to this Committee on European standardisation policy.

1.3.  The Parties agree that the core premises guiding such work will be to promote the market relevance of European standardisation related to European policy and legislation, namely the framework of Regulation EU 1025/2012 and the development of a standardisation policy which helps the competitiveness of industry.



2.1.  Parties to the Agreement are also called “Members of INGRESS”

2.2.  The Parties agree that INGRESS shall be open to any European trade associations that are legal entities and meet the following criteria:

  • are non-governmental and non-profit-making;
  • are based in the EU and represents the interests of industry established in Europe;
  • has as their statutory objectives to represent the interests of industrial companies of all sizes including SMEs and is considered representative of that industry by the EU institutions;
  • has a clear interest in European standardisation activities and has been mandated by its members to represent these interests at European level;
  • are registered in the EU Transparency Register.


2.3.  Each Member will appoint one expert representative, the “Delegate”, who may represent it, including at INGRESS co-ordination meetings. INGRESS experts shall be persons knowledgeable, representative and competent in matters related to European standardisation policy.

2.4.  INGRESS will establish rules of procedures for the decision making of the working level of Delegates.

2.5.  When not acting as a Member of INGRESS, Members retain full autonomy in defining their activities or in engaging in any other cooperation.

2.6.  Membership of INGRESS may be terminated at any moment by written notice to the Chairman with a copy to the Secretariat.



3.1.  INGRESS Delegates shall meet as and when required and ideally just prior to CoS meetings, at the invitation of the Chairman or upon request of at least one third of its Members.

3.2.  INGRESS Delegates may adopt ad hoc recommendations to be conveyed by the INGRESS Chairman in external meetings and events, namely at the invitation of the European Commission and the CoS.

3.3.  INGRESS Delegates may prepare position papers or other common communications to be submitted to the Council defined in Article 4 for approval.

3.4.  The Delegates of INGRESS shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman who will hold office for a period of two years with the possibility of re-election for one more term.

3.5.  The duties of the Chairman are to:

  • preside over the meetings of INGRESS;
  • ensure the proper functioning of INGRESS;
  • together with the Secretariat prepare the meetings of INGRESS;
  • establish a draft agenda for the meetings of INGRESS;
  • ensure that conclusions of meetings and common positions are prepared and published, as appropriate.

3.6.  The Vice-Chairman shall assist the Chairman in carrying out his/her duties.

3.7.  The Chairman, and the Vice-Chairman where necessary, shall represent INGRESS in the Committee on Standards and possible other external meetings and shall report on these.

3.8.  The Chairman may appoint a substitute among other INGRESS delegates to represent INGRESS in an external meeting, should he/she exceptionally not be able to participate.



4.1.  The Council is the governing body of INGRESS.

4.2.  The Council consists of the Secretary/Director Generals of the Parties, hereafter called Council Members. All Council Members have equal voting rights.

4.3.  Unless otherwise provided for under the Agreement, the Council adopts resolutions by consensus of all of its Members present or represented. Consensus is reached during a written procedure that shall allow no less than 10 working days to respond, whereby absence of response 3 days after the set deadline is considered as tacit approval.

4.4.  The Council decides on an annual budget and the financial contribution necessary for the functioning of the Secretariat of INGRESS. The financial contribution shall be equally shared by all Members.



5.1.  The Secretariat of INGRESS shall be provided by the Chairman of INGRESS unless otherwise decided by the Council of INGRESS.

5.2.  The duties of the Secretariat are to:

  • arrange the meetings of INGRESS, including preparing the drafts of the agendas, the lists of conclusions and resolutions, the minutes of the meeting;
  • make available the documents for the meetings in advance of the date of the meetings and provide information of reasonable relevance to INGRESS;
  • maintain appropriate communications with the Members of INGRESS; maintain INGRESS procedures as established by INGRESS;
  • publish where appropriate reports on the work and results of INGRESS
  • ensure the administrative functions of INGRESS in general including, as appropriate, any financial matters.



Amendments to these Terms of Agreement shall be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of all the Members of INGRESS. Each Member has one vote.



The Agreement will enter into force by 20 March 2015 provided that it has been signed by at least five Parties.



The Agreement has a duration of three years. Parties will evaluate their cooperation on a regular basis and consider whether and under what terms their cooperation shall be continued.



    9.1.  INGRESS can be dissolved and the Agreement ended by qualified majority of its Members in Council.

    9.2.  INGRESS will be automatically dissolved when the number of Members falls below five for a period longer than three months.

    9.3.  Upon dissolution any unused budget will be distributed equally among the existing Members



    INGRESS is an informal cooperation.

    The terms of this Agreement shall be governed under Belgian Law



For the sake of facilitating the setting up of INGRESS, Orgalime will provide the Secretariat of INGRESS for the first year.


Brussels,                                                                  20/03/2015


Name of the INGRESS Council member:




For more information on how to become a member of INGRESS, please send an email to secretariat [at] ingress1025.eu

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