Market relevance

…is key for keeping standards attractive for industry.


Market relevance for INGRESS members:

ACEA, representing the European automobile industry (…) would like to emphasize that (…) there must be clear quality standards (CEN) ensuring fit- for-purpose market fuels so that vehicles can operate across Europe without any negative consequences. [MORE]


¬†“Harmonised standards are the backbone of a successful internal market for industrial products. Yet, their close link with European legislation does not deprive them of the necessary market relevance. INGRESS is an excellent initiative to ensure that standardisation remains a market-driven activity“, said Olivier Janin, FEM Secretary General. [MORE]


Orgalime position paper on the market relevance of standards, 29 may 2007:

“(…/…)¬†before adopting a new work item, an evaluation of its market relevance is essential. Market relevance criteria should address the technological impact (e.g. bringing coherence to systems and emerging technologies), the economic dimension (removal of barriers to trade, international market access) and the potential to facilitate compliance to EU legislation.” [MORE]